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Safety is always a number one priority for the crews of IA Bulk Material. We put safety first with our training, our equipment being up to date, in how we assess each situation uniquely, and having the most advanced monitoring systems for your silo and our crews.

silo soy bean fireThe IA Bulk Difference

Industry Knowledge

Being in this industry for years, and having fought countless silo fires, our crews are well equipped with the knowledge of battling even the toughest of cases. This specialized knowledge equips us to handle the complexities of silo emergencies with precision. Each case varies by the condition, the material, and silo. That is where our broad industry knowledge keeps us prepared and still able to keep everything within safety measures.

Equipment that is prepared for it all

Having our own high scfm air compressor, Nitrogen Membrane Unit, and all of our clean out tools and methodologies, we come ready for any situation we may encounter. We are able to produce Nitrogen at 96-99% purity on-site with this equipment and system. Our crews come with their fully stocked fleet to have anything they may need for the work at hand, and anything they could encounter along the way. From our NPU System to advanced air monitor sensors, our tools are ready to handle it all.

Planning and Assessments

Our emergency response services are backed by strategic planning and risk assessments. We conduct thorough, yet fast-acting evaluations of silo structures and contents to develop customized response plans, ensuring a proactive and efficient approach. We are constantly keeping a report and assessing the situation throughout the project to make sure we are adapting to the changes in the atmosphere at all times.

Paper & pulp storage inspections available in Los Angeles CA & Minneapolis MNOur Safety Promise

Personnel Safety: The safety of our personnel is paramount. We adhere to strict safety protocols, providing our team with the necessary personal protective equipment and ensuring ongoing training to handle the challenges posed by silo emergencies.

Asset Protection: Beyond firefighting, our goal is to minimize damage to stored materials and silo structures. Our comprehensive approach considers both immediate suppression and long-term preservation of assets within the silo.

Keep our Number Close By

You never know when a critical situation may arise in your facility. By starting the line of communication with our team, we are able to have all your information ready to mobilize as quickly as possible if you are in need of emergency response. You are also able to have any questions about our process answered prior to ever needing this service. We would be happy to connect with you and your facility BEFORE you need us.

Let us be your safety net, call 770-255-1322 or email bulkmaterial@industrialacces.com to get started.

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