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Inspection Process

Storage Vessel Inspection Process

Silo inspections are a vital part of bulk material storage. Regardless of what product you’re storing or what your storage vessel is made of, performing regular maintenance is important.

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Staying on top of this could lead to early detection and repairs which could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It may even save you from an eventual collapse.

How We Perform Inspections

There are several levels of inspections. If you have questions about which level is best for your facility, call IA Bulk today and we can assist you based on your storage vessel.

We offer Class 1,2, and 3 Inspections here at IA Bulk Materials. Whether you just need a basic class 1 observation-based inspection, or a class 3 detailed inspection with assistance from a professional engineer, we got you covered.

Common Issues We Find

During our inspection, we may identify various potential concerns, primarily focusing on issues that could contribute to structural damage. This encompasses the detection of foundation cracks or any other indications of deterioration. Additionally, we will assess the integrity of your roof and walls to ensure their stability.

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We can look for things such as improper material filling to ensure it isn’t contributing to issues with your storage vessel. We’ll also inspect discharge and floor issues. This top-to-bottom evaluation will ensure we don’t miss anything potentially harmful to the health of your storage vessel.

Ready To Schedule Your Inspection?

If you are due for an inspection for any of your bulk material bins, silos, or storage vessels, make sure to call Industrial Access Bulk Materials to schedule a level 1, 2, or 3 inspection today. Our team can perform a top-to-bottom inspection to minimize future issues and get your facility to optimal operation as soon as possible

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