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Cleaning & Repairs Of Cement Storages

At Industrial Access Bulk Material, we pride ourselves in providing unwavering expertise when it comes to bulk material storage, cleaning and maintenance. We value efficient work while never compromising quality. In the cement industry, maintenance and care is especially important given the consistency of the material. We have several methods to achieve results for you while ensuring minimal downtime at a fast pace.

Prevent silo buildup problems in Chicago IL & Minneapolis MNThe Industrial Access Bulk Materials Solution

With countless years of experience in the Cement Industry, we know the risks associated with this material and the importance of keeping your structure maintained and up-to-date on inspections. The only way to ensure minimum loss in productivity, storage, and safety hazards is to keep your inspections regular and get ahead on any buildup problems you are experiencing.

One of the solutions we incorporate into solving buildup issues is Cardox Blasting. In addition to Cardox blasting, our team is certified and experienced in rope access methods, bin whipping, industrial shotguns, and mixed-method approaches. Regardless of the severity of your blockage or maintenance needs, our team can develop a plan that works for your facility.

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At Industrial Access Bulk Materials, no job is too large or complex for us to complete. We pride ourselves in being the leading specialty access contractor in the United States that services all cement storage structures. Our team is equipped and experienced to fix any minor or major issue. We can also work with you to develop a routine maintenance plan to avoid larger issues down the road. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service in as little time as possible to save you money and downtime. Call us today to get started with bulk storage maintenance.

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