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Cardox Blasting

Prevent Downtime With Cardox Blasting To Remove Blockages

Industrial Access Bulk Material can help with any blockage that restricts the flow of your company’s assets. At IA Bulk Materials, our expert team is certified to perform Cardox blasts. This method offers less downtime at your facility compared to other methods. When properly trained like our team, it offers a safer experience for workers since it eliminates the need for confined space access.

Cardox blasting and more available in Los Angeles CAHow Does Cardox Blasting Work? 

Cardox tubes are filled with liquid carbon dioxide, like a fire extinguisher. When energized by the application of a small electrical charge, the chemical generator instantly converts the liquid CO2 into a gas. The conversion expands the CO2 volume and builds up pressure inside the tube until it causes a shear disc located at the end of the tube to burst, which releases CO2 through directional discharge heads. This creates a heaving force of pressure of up to 34,000 psi, strong enough to safely blast buildup off the walls in closed storage structures. This process can dislodge more than 3 tons of buildup in milliseconds.

How Can Cardox Blasting Help With Blockage?

There are many reasons storage vessels face flow issues. The most common issue is the general buildup of material which could occur for various reasons such as moisture, time, or inadequate movement of materials. Here are a few other specific blockage types below:

  • Ratholing — when material clings to the wall creating a hole in the middle of the bin/silo, minimizing flow.
  • Bridging — when there is an arch just above the exit hole, preventing flow
  • Plugging — occurs when the exit hole is completely blocked with the material.

Why Cardox Blasting Is A Good Solution 


Surprisingly, even though it is a high-powered blast, it’s safe because it is strong enough to dislodge the materials without any damage or harm. This makes it safe for potentially flammable materials.


With the force of 34,000 psi, control and precision of the blast is nearly promised. Our team of experts knows the best way to operate to get your bulk material flowing as you need.


Cardox blasting systems are refillable and reusable since the tubes are able to continuously be refilled and blasted on other shots.

Need Help Cleaning Out Your Bulk Materials Structure?

If you are experiencing flow issues on any of your bulk material bins, silos, or storage vessels, call Industrial Access Bulk Materials at 770-525-8957 to schedule a Cardox blasting service. Our team can expertly perform this method to minimize downtime and get your facility back to normal operation as soon as possible.

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