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IA Bulk Material provides a wide variety of bulk storage cleaning services. We have years of experience taking on the most difficult projects that others have dismissed as being too difficult or dangerous to complete. Regardless of the degree of difficulty that may exist in your plant's facility, the experts at Industrial Access Bulk Materials will assess the situation and determine the safest and most immediate way to restore its full capacity. Our team of highly trained technicians come well equipped with over 14 proprietary tools and methodologies to tackle any project. Whether your product is on fire, compacted, high in moisture, or rock hard, Industrial Access Bulk Materials will provide a solution.

air cannon silo and storage vessel cleaning

About IA Bulk Material

Industrial Access Bulk Material sets itself apart by offering an all-encompassing array of services dedicated to any industry handling bulk materials such as grain, cement, lime, coal, salt, clay, fly ash and many others. We have the expertise to provide cleaning, inspection, fire suppression, repair, and maintenance services to any bulk material storage structure, such as silos, tanks, bins and bunkers. Working in confined spaces with difficult access poses unique challenges; fortunately, we are the leading specialty access contractor in the U.S. that delivers reliable silo services to storage facilities across the nation. Along with our bulk services, the experts at Industrial Access Bulk Materials have developed a kiln ring management program that will optimize your production by keeping your ring growth manageable during the course of a 12 to 18 month operational run. Our team of expert engineers and trained technicians are prepared to handle any issue when it comes to bulk material structures at your facility.

Message from our Leader

Routinely, Industrial Access Bulk Material gets opportunities to clear bins or silos that our competitors have failed to empty. Time and time again, we are able to arrive onsite and demonstrate why we are the leaders in this industry. We are much more than a “bin whip” company that will show up with a crew of two or three and work at a silo for months to clear.

Our companies’ in-house resources to proprietary equipment and all industrial trades make us the most effective bulk material service provider in North America. From a simple grain silo with a bridge, to a complex 225M bulk cargo ship, we will and can get it empty! As specialty multi-craft service providers and leaders in Bulk Material clean out technology, we have established a reputation for safety first operations and have forged lasting business relationships with leading industrial organizations.

- Founder Industrial Access Bulk Materials, Christopher Ledbetter

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