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Silo Inspection

Industrial Access Bulk Materials Silo Inspections

Regular inspections are key to ensuring safe and efficient operation of a silo, tank or bin. Working with confined spaces with difficult access poses unique challenges; fortunately, Industrial Access Bulk brings forth the latest, most expert equipment to enable thorough, timely, safe and cost-effective inspections.

Silo Inspections Made Fast, Safe and Easy:

silo inspection in Atlanta GA

industrial storage tank inspection

We utilize this cutting-edge visual inspection device designed for hard-to-reach, vertical confined spaces. With such equipment in our arsenal, Industrial Access Bulk is able to offer silo inspections that take less time and less resources with no safety compromises. This device is a class one, unmanned, autonomous device. Utilizing this innovative technology eliminates the need for physical entry into the interior of the storage structure to carry out the inspection since the interior can be observed remotely.

This equipment can be used in any situation with limited access, even when there is no man-way or entry door top access present. The device carries an advanced camera system that rotates 360°, supports 30x optical zoom, 4k self-stabilizing video recording, and 10,000 Lumen LED light, all of which enable our engineers to see a crack as small as 1/32” that’s 30 ft away from the camera.

Clear, High Quality Imaging:

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