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Flow Issues, Material Buildup and Fires In Your Silo

Storage structures of all kinds require regular maintenance and attention. Regular maintenance lessens the risk of encountering problems, but they could still arise even if you are up to date with maintenance. If you’re experiencing any buildup or flow issues, call Industrial Access Bulk Materials. No job is too severe for us as we’re trained and equipped to complete jobs with the background and knowledge behind various industries. We can quickly get your facility back to operating smoothly

The most common problems you may encounter are explained below:

FIx your silo flow issues in Houston TX

Material Buildup

The longer that bulk material sits in a silo or vessel, the more likely it is to cake and build up on the walls inside. This caking restricts the flow of your company’s commodity. Regular maintenance can minimize this risk of build-up, so it is a valuable investment for your company. Several different types of buildup may occur, such as funneling, plugging, bridging, doming, caking, and scaling. Buildup can lead to many different levels of blockage of your assets. We have different solutions for any buildup we encounter. Call us today to see how we can get you running as usual again.

Kiln ring management in Denver CO & Chicago IL

Kiln Rings

IA Bulk Materials offers comprehensive ring management services for rotary kilns. Our dedicated team specializes in resolving issues related to build-up and blockages within rotary kilns. We collaborate closely with each client to assess and formulate a customized routine maintenance strategy. These tailored plans encompass various techniques, including Cardox blasting, Kiln Guns, and mechanical equipment, to effectively address ring build-up and ensure minimal disruptions to operations.

Prevent fires in your silos and vessels in Pittsburgh PA & Minneapolis MN


IA Bulk Materials is your dependable partner when you need help. Our comprehensive services cover all types of structures, ensuring effective fire prevention for the safety of your staff and community. In the unfortunate event of a fire, we also provide material removal to expedite your production recovery. Safeguarding your facility from such risks is paramount in today's critical circumstances. Place your trust in our expertise, and allow us to handle the situation for you. Check out our fire page for more information.

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