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Nitrogen Service

Nitrogen Membrane Generator System

Our nitrogen generation service equipment arrives on-site fully equipped for a variety of applications. Housed within our setup is a high SCFM air compressor, serving as the support for our state-of-the-art nitrogen membrane generator. This cutting-edge configuration empowers us to produce nitrogen on-site with purity levels ranging from 96% to 99%, being the highest numbers that are able to be produced. With such precision and efficiency, our service finds applications across a multitude of industries, promising versatility and reliability. Check out our silo fire page to see how we use this equipment to specifically resolve industrial silo fires.

Inert Gas Purging

Unlock the potential of inert gas purging with our advanced nitrogen system. By using nitrogen (N2), our system displaces reactive gases within the atmosphere. Notably, oxygen, a notorious catalyst for fires and explosions, is effectively removed through our purging process. This elimination of oxygen disrupts the combustion equation, rendering your environment safer and more secure. With a track record spanning many years, inert gas purging stands as a time-tested and proven solution, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety standards.

Inert Gas Purging for Silo Fires

In the realm of silo fires, our inert gas purging solution emerges as a proactive and highly effective measure. By eliminating oxygen from the surroundings, our system acts as a formidable barrier against combustion and explosion risks. This strategic intervention significantly reduces the likelihood of fire-related incidents, safeguarding both personnel and property. Dive deeper into our methodology and capabilities by watching our informative video, which illustrates the timeline of our equipment in combating silo fires with precision.

Check out this short video that goes through our fire mitigation process. This takes you through our NPU System from our high SCFM air compressor, then to our Nitrogen Membrane Unit, and finally to how we gas purge the unit to prepare for removal of the material.

Our system allows for complete service of silo fires from response arrival to getting the silo empty.

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