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Grain Storage Vessel Cleaning & Maintenance

Feed and grain are two of the most popular bulk materials stored in silos or bins. Just like with any bulk material, regular maintenance and care are required to help keep your products flowing as they should. Our expert team is dedicated to preventing downtime caused by blockages, addressing safety concerns, and averting costly repairs in the future.

Repairing silo grain blockage in Minneapolis, MN & Denver, COProblems Associated With Grain Blockage

If you experience a restricted flow or complete blockage in your silo or bin, you may encounter one of several different issues. Below are the most common types of problems you may see:

  • Bridging — when there is an arch just above the exit hole, preventing flow
  • Ratholing — when material clings to the wall creating a hole in the middle of the bin/silo, minimizing flow
  • Smolder — if materials don’t move effectively, they can collect heat in stagnant materials due to mold or excess moisture.
  • Funneling
  • Plugging
  • Wall Scale

Industrial Access Bulk Material has the tools and methodology to solve the above or any other issues your company may encounter. If you’re struggling with any of these issues, call IA Bulk Material today.


Neglecting a blocked grain silo or bin can lead to a significant disaster at your facility. Grain entrapment poses a grave danger, potentially resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities if workers attempt to clear it without proper precautions. At IA Bulk, we offer Silo Cleaning with no confined space entry. This eliminates the risk of a safety concern for both our staff as well as the plant’s.

The Industrial Access Bulk Material Solution

Our team at IA Bulk Material takes silo blockages seriously and we have several methods to take care of them.  We have a vast skill set to determine the best solution and fix any problem you may face.

With our unique and specialized mix of methods, we promise limited downtime at an affordable cost for your company. Every company has different needs, but IA Bulk Materials can solve them all.

Call Industrial Access Bulk Materials Today

At Industrial Access Bulk Materials, no job is too large or complex for us to complete. We pride ourselves in being the leading bulk material handling contractor in the United States that services all bulk storage structures. Our team is equipped and experienced to fix any minor or major issue. We can also work with you to develop a routine maintenance plan to avoid more significant issues down the road. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service in as little time as possible to save you money and downtime. Call us today to get started with bulk storage maintenance.

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