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Railcar Cleaning & Maintenance

Rail cars represent a highly reliable and extensively utilized mode of short-term storage and transportation for bulk materials nationwide. They hold high significance for various plants globally due to their containment of valuable materials.

Dome cleaning and maintenance available in Cincinnati OH

However, similar to any other bulk material storage system, inadequate maintenance can lead to accumulation, flow disruptions, blockages, and other issues. In extreme instances, neglect may even result in smoldering or fire outbreaks, potentially causing complete loss of both time and assets.

Rail Car Clean Out

IA Bulk Materials is equipped to handle railcars, just like we are able to handle any bulk material storage unit. We are even able to tackle these projects anywhere the railcar resides. We implement a similar, yet structure specific cleaning plan to ensure complete emptying and restoration to regular operations. We are experts in bin whipping, bin drilling, cardox blasting, and personalized methods we have developed over the countless years in this industry.

Railcar maintenance available in Cincinnati OH & Houston TXRail Car Fire and Smolder

Failure to perform regular cleanouts or storing low quality materials in rail cars increases the risk of fires and smoldering incidents. IA Bulk is able to tackle this issue, make sure the fire is mitigated, and get the commodity out before it causes any more costly issues. Trust us to be your safety net and rely on our expertise to safeguard your operations and commodities.

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